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Data marts are code (SQL) that automatically runs on top of the Core Data Model to compute measures, groupers, risk models, etc. Data marts often use value sets to define concepts they use.

Data MartDescription
AHRQ MeasuresAHRQ's quality indicators
CCSRAHRQ's Clinical Classification Software Refined diagnosis and procedure grouper
Chronic ConditionsTwo chronic condition groupers: CMS and Tuva
Claims PreprocessingGroups claims into distinct encounters and assigns service categories
CMS-HCCThe v24 and v28 CMS-HCC models
ED ClassificationThe NYU ED classification algorithm
Financial PMPMComputes member months and data tables for analyzing PMPM
HCC SuspectingComputes suspected HCCs based on historical problems, diagnoses, labs, and medications
Quality MeasuresComputes various publicly available quality measures
ReadmissionsCMS's readmission measure