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👋 Welcome

Welcome to the Tuva Project! Our goal is to accelerate healthcare analytics, clinical research, and A.I. by open-sourcing the tools and knowledge needed to transform healthcare data so it's ready for analysis.

Tuva Project Overview

This video provides a short intro to Tuva to get you up and running.

Doing healthcare analytics, clinical research, and A.I. at scale requires the tools shown in the diagram above. Most healthcare data teams spend the majority of their time re-inventing and re-building these tools from scratch (we have done this many times). By open-sourcing these tools, we aim to:

  1. Enable healthcare data teams to re-allocate their time and resources away from re-inventing these tools and instead focus on solving more complex problems
  2. Build the best set of tools possible by crowdsourcing improvements from across the industry

These docs describe the tools we've built, how to use them, and the use cases they support.

For organizations that need assistance transforming their data or doing analytics with Tuva, we offer services and support. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization.