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Chronic Conditions

Chronic diseases are one of the biggest drivers of healthcare utilization and expenditure. Here we provide an examples of the types of analytics you can do with Tuva related to chronic conditions.

Prevalence of Chronic Conditions

In this query we show how often each chronic condition occurs in the patient population.

, condition
, count(distinct patient_id) as total_patients
, cast(count(distinct patient_id) * 100.0 / (select count(distinct patient_id) from core.patient) as numeric(38,2)) as percent_of_patients
from chronic_conditions.tuva_chronic_conditions_long
group by 1,2
order by 3 desc
Distribution of Chronic Conditions

In this query we show how many patients have 0 chronic conditions, how many patients have 1 chronic condition, how many patients have 2 chronic conditions, etc.

with patients as (
select patient_id
from core.patient

, conditions as (
select distinct
, b.condition_family
, b.condition
from patients a
left join chronic_conditions.tuva_chronic_conditions_long b
on a.patient_id = b.patient_id

, condition_count as (
, count(distinct condition) as condition_count
from conditions
group by 1

, count(1)
, cast(100 * count(distinct patient_id)/sum(count(distinct patient_id)) over() as numeric(38,1)) as percent
from condition_count
group by 1
order by 1